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Online Ticket Fix is a one stop shop for fixing your traffic tickets, speeding tickets, sign and signal citations and DWI citations. Our online form makes fixing your speeding tickets easy. Simply fill out the form and a representive will contact you to complete the ticket fixing process.

Why drive to a Traffic Law office when you can simply go online and complete the entire ticket fixing process. We can save you time, money, and gas by providing a complete traffic ticket fixing website which enables you to get your tickets "fixed" (if possible) and help prevent points from being added to your driving record.

Online Ticket Fix is here to help you stay on the road without paying more for insurance. Simply fill out our form and we can get the process started, or email us at tom@onlineticketfix.com.

Understand, even an attorney's best efforts sometimes don't yeild the desired end result. Ticket "Fixing" is not an actual fix, generally this term means that a traffic attorney will attempt to reduce your traffic ticket down to a non-moving and/or non-point violation.

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